Sarmad Gulzar
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Sarmad Gulzar
Welcome! I'm Sarmad Gulzar, an electrical engineer and software developer, navigating the fascinating world of technology. From the ground up, I've built a versatile skill set, ranging from the core principles of electrical engineering to the dynamic intricacies of multiple programming languages. Feel free to explore my work, read my thoughts, or get in touch.
About Me
My journey began in the classrooms of an electrical engineering degree, where I first dipped my toes into the pool of programming with C++. Through various academic projects, I explored MATLAB for signal processing, Verilog for digital logic design, and refined my C++ for embedded systems.
The turning point came in my final year, when I took on the ambitious project of a 6-DOF robotic arm with machine vision. This project introduced me to Python and the Raspberry Pi, further deepening my love for the interplay between software and hardware.
Post-graduation, my adventures in programming continued. Web development caught my interest, and I dove into the world of SQL, Django, and VueJS. Alongside, I familiarized myself with cloud technologies like GCP and Firebase, deploying projects and managing services in the cloud.
Starting my career with a UK-based startup, I had the opportunity to apply my skills on a larger scale. Here, I delved into the nuances of maintaining large code bases, and adopted test-driven development methodologies.
While my professional work has been predominantly web-focused, my passion for Robotics and AI has remained steadfast. I am now steering my career in this direction, excited to integrate my software development experience with my foundational knowledge in electrical engineering.
Software Development
In addition to my extensive work in software development with Python, C++, JavaScript, Rust, and C, I've also gained experience in MicroPython and Arduino for a variety of hobby projects. I've built comprehensive full-stack applications using SQL, Django, and VueJS and have designed intuitive front-end interfaces.
Electrical Engineering
As a trained electrical engineer, I possess a deep understanding of embedded systems, digital logic design, and signal processing. I've extensively used tools such as MATLAB and Verilog, and have hands-on experience with FPGAs, which has enabled me to work on intricate electronic designs and systems.
With a passion for robotics, I've worked on projects from academic ventures to personal explorations, a significant achievement being a 6-DOF robotic arm with machine vision. Combining this background with my proficiency in Python and experience with MicroPython, I'm well-equipped to build sophisticated robotic systems.
Cloud Computing
My experience with cloud computing is broad and includes Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Firebase. I'm adept at deploying and managing projects on Cloud VMs, App Engine, Cloud Run, and managing databases with Cloud SQL and Firestore.
Test-Driven Development
I've honed my skills in maintaining large codebases and apply test-driven development techniques to ensure the robustness and reliability of software.
Software Developer, Asomas Tech Limited
In my professional role at this AI-centric startup, I was responsible for:
Maintaining and improving large codebases, using test-driven development for optimal performance.
Working collaboratively on AI-powered recruitment solutions, leveraging my software development skills to enhance product offerings.
Utilizing my cloud computing knowledge to deploy, manage, and maintain various services.
Independent Projects
In addition to my professional work, I've embarked on a number of personal and academic projects that showcase my diverse skill set:
Development of a 6-DOF robotic arm equipped with machine vision: For this final-year project, I integrated my knowledge of electrical engineering with my Python skills to create a responsive, functional robotic arm.
Full-stack web development projects using Django and VueJS: These projects have allowed me to strengthen my web development skills, particularly in creating intuitive user interfaces and robust back-end systems.
Hobby projects using MicroPython and Arduino: I've built various projects using MicroPython and Arduino, further solidifying my experience in the intersection of hardware and software.
Cloud-based deployments using GCP and Firebase: Through these experiences, I've gained practical knowledge in deploying and managing web applications and services on the cloud, specifically with Cloud VMs, App Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL, and Firestore.
Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering, XYZ University
This degree provided me with:
A strong foundation in key principles of electrical engineering.
The opportunity to apply programming languages such as C++, MATLAB, and Verilog in various academic projects.
An avenue to explore and cultivate an interest in robotics, leading to my final-year project.
I always appreciate a good conversation, whether it's about potential projects, sharing knowledge, or discussing the latest advancements in robotics. Feel free to reach out:
Email: LinkedIn: Twitter:
For a more comprehensive overview of my academic and professional journey, as well as a detailed list of my skills, please download my resume. If you're interested in any particular aspect of my work or if there's an opportunity you believe I'd be a good fit for, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you!